Automotive Services

In addition to being a full line battery and DC power specialist, we offer the following services under our Automotive Division:

  • Industry leading order fill and consistent scheduled route delivery.
  • We source hard to find battery applications.
  • Battery testing and product training.
  • Battery sales training and field sales.
  • Assistance for dealers.
  • Scrap battery hauling and recycling.
  • Stock rotation available for dealers.

Stationary Power Services

We offer the following services through our Stationary Division:

  • Site surveys.
  • Preventive maintenance programs.
  • Battery testing.
  • Battery installation.
  • De-installation of spent battery systems.
  • On site repairs.
  • Spent battery recycling.

Renewable Energy

Unique geographic and product support for all your Renewable Energy and PV needs.

  • Fully stocked distributor of all the top tier Renewable Energy Batteries.
  • Entire range of product technology and sizes.
  • Industry professionals with knowledge and experience.
  • Nation wide service and support.