JCI recently made a big announcement – check out the following excerpt from CRU International. It’s pretty amazing to think that by 2018, 80% of new vehicles will employ Start-Stop battery technology. We’re going to need bigger delivery trucks.

Johnson Controls announced the completed expansion to its Zwickau, Germany Absorbent Glass mat (AGM) battery plant as a part of a $100-million project. The company, which is betting on continued growth for the technology, remarked that the facility is now the largest in the JCI family. The technology will go into stop-and-start vehicles, which are expected to make up 80% of new cars by 2018. Start and stop technology was designed to stop the car’s engine when idled or stopped, and then restart again once the driver removes his or her foot from the brake pedal. During these stopped periods, the JCI battery will power the system and then restart the engine.
“The demand for Start-Stop-Batteries will increase significantly in the next [few] years.” said Holger Jests, VP and GM of the Johnson Controls Powers Solution for the EMEA region.  “AGM batteries from Zwickau play an important role. With the expansion of our plant, we are prepared for the upcoming requirements. The batteries will also be featured in the 2014 Chevy Volt.
The newly expanded plant will have a capacity of 6.6-million batteries and employ 400 people, up from 200, and have four new assembly lines.